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Palau Tioman, Malaysia

Melaka to Tioman Island by bus and ferry

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The jetty on Tioman Island
The jetty on Tioman Island - Copy­right © Joshua Fuglsang


In the pre­vi­ous ar­ti­cle I vis­it­ed the his­toric town of Mela­ka, which you can read about here. From Mela­ka my next des­ti­na­tion was to be the East Coast Is­land: Palau Tioman. To get to Tioman I need­ed to cut across the penin­su­lar, and the best way to do that was to catch a bus to the coastal town of Mers­ing, and then to catch a fer­ry from Mers­ing to Tioman it­self. This ar­ti­cle de­scribes that jour­ney.

The Journey

Walking through Melaka towards to bus stop
Walk­ing through Mela­ka to­wards to bus stop - Copy­right © Joshua Fuglsang

I spent my fi­nal af­ter­noon in the pro­vin­cial city of Mela­ka, en­joy­ing an ice-cold juice to take away some of the heat of the day. Some fel­low trav­ellers and I would be mak­ing the jour­ney to Tioman to­geth­er. We checked out of our hos­tel, and made our way through the his­toric town to­wards a small bus sta­tion called Jalan Kubu. This bus stop was sug­gest­ed to us by a lo­cal as all bus­es bound for the Mela­ka Sen­tral must pass here, there­fore you don’t need to wait too long for a bus. Al­most ex­act­ly twen­ty min­utes af­ter we ar­rived, a bus rolled up. We paid the fair price of RM1.50 for a tick­et, and climbed on­board.

Soon enough we are pulling in to Mela­ka Sen­tral, the ma­jor sta­tion in the town which hosts busses from all the cor­ners of the coun­try. We won­dered through the large sta­tion, look­ing for the S&S booth, for they had the next bus bound for Mers­ing, our des­ti­na­tion for the day. We bought a tick­et for RM25 and made our way to the plat­form. The bus was al­ready there, so we climbed on­board and sat in our des­ig­nat­ed seats.

The bus took five hours to cut from the west coast of the penin­su­lar to the east. We trav­elled through the af­ter­noon, evening, and well in to the night. The bus made pret­ty good time, on­ly stop­ping twice for cig­a­rette breaks. The driv­er, a young man of twen­ty years, spent most of his time on the bus talk­ing away in to his mo­bile phone, a com­mon oc­cur­rence when trav­el­ling on bus­es in Asia.

The Bus from Melaka to Tioman
The Bus from Mela­ka to Tioman - Copy­right © Joshua Fuglsang

Be­fore long the bus ar­rived at Mers­ing’s main sta­tion. Mers­ing is a a small city known for be­ing the gate­way to Tioman is­land. We ar­rived at 11pm and the first or­der of our ar­rival was a meal so we found a lo­cal restau­rant where we both had “Lo­cal Fried Noo­dles” with a side of chick­en skew­ers. Af­ter our meal we won­dered the streets un­til we found a ho­tel that was still open, where we checked in to a room with two beds for 55 ring­git.

The fol­low­ing morn­ing we woke up bright and ear­ly, to catch the first fer­ry of the day at 10am. Af­ter check­ing out we walked through the town to buy our fer­ry tick­ets, stop­ping once to buy some pas­tries on the way. The tick­et vender was easy enough to find, but on the way out a man stopped us and says we need a per­mit to vis­it the is­land. The sit­u­a­tion seemed sketchy be­cause of the way the man was lurk­ing at the front of the build­ing, wait­ing for us to come out. Yet, we paid the bill any­way. Lat­er we learned that it is com­plete­ly un­nec­es­sary, which would have saved us RM30. The tick­et for the fer­ry it­self was RM35. From the tick­et vender we con­tin­ued on our way to the fer­ry, just a short five minute walk away. Here we were greet­ed with a long line of at least one hun­dred peo­ple. Stand­ing in the queue we hear a guide tell his group that they need to con­vert their tick­et in to a board­ing pass at yet an­oth­er booth. Con­fused, we do same, pay­ing yet an­oth­er RM21.20, bring­ing our to­tal bill al­most up to RM90. This is very ex­pen­sive, at al­most AU­D30 for the trip out to the is­land. Again, lat­er we learned that nei­ther this fee nor the na­tion­al park en­trance fee was nec­es­sary. It’s a shame that these peo­ple are here rip­ping off both for­eign­ers and their own coun­try­men.

Boarding the ferry to Tioman
Board­ing the fer­ry to Tioman - Copy­right © Joshua Fuglsang

The fer­ry was close to an hour late once, so we ea­ger­ly board once it ar­rived. We moved in to our al­lo­cat­ed seats and set­tled down for the ride. The boat took about two and a half hours to reach our des­ti­na­tion, Air Batang, or more com­mon­ly known as ABC. It was a love­ly trip out two the is­land, rid­ing on the per­fect blue South Chi­na Sea, cut­ting through clus­ters of is­lands. It was a bright and sun­ny trip, yet pleas­ant, spend­ing some time out on the deck, and some time in­side read­ing a book.

We ar­rived at ABC at around 2pm. It had grown to be­come an ab­so­lute­ly spec­tac­u­lar day with crys­tal clear and mir­ror like wa­ter we could see the coral on the bot­tom of the ocean with amaz­ing clar­i­ty. We al­so had clear blue skies, lined with long, whispy clouds and of course the is­land it­self was a beau­ti­ful thing to be­hold, for it is amaz­ing­ly pris­tine and un­de­vel­oped. A thought passed through my mind that I could spend quite a lot of time here.


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Walking to Monkey Bay

Flowers at the start of the Monkey Bay Hike
Flow­ers at the start of the Mon­key Bay Hike - Copy­right © Joshua Fuglsang

In the next ar­ti­cle I hike the jun­gle be­tween a se­ries of four bays on the spec­tac­u­lar Tioman Is­land. Read about it here.




Here you will find articles on an ambitious plan to travel from Singapore to Morocco overland, i.e. without flying.

I will use buses and trains to travel through South East Asia, China, Mongolia, Russia, and Europe.

Read about The Plan So Far.