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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tioman to Kuala Lumpur by Ferry and Bus

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Ferry departing from ABC, Tioman, bound for Mersing
Ferry departing from ABC, Tioman, bound for Mersing - Copy­right © Joshua Fuglsang


In the last ar­ti­cle I rode from Air Batang (ABC) to Paya by bi­cy­cle, which you can read about here.

This is a brief ar­ti­cle de­scrib­ing the over­land trip of fer­ry and bus from Tioman’s Air Batang vil­lage to Malaysia’s cap­i­tal, Kuala Lumpur. Read on to find out about the jour­ney.

Tioman to Kuala Lumpur

To­day was to be a long one, with quite a few hours sit­ting on pub­lic trans­port. The first leg of my jour­ney; Tioman to Mers­ing, was sched­uled for 9:30am. I got up, made my farewells, had break­fast, and head­ed to the jet­ty.

The boat was late, which was some­what ex­pect­ed, not ar­riv­ing un­til past 10am. My guest­house asked me to ar­rive thir­ty min­utes be­fore the sched­uled de­par­ture, so by the time the fer­ry ar­rived I had been wait­ing for more than an hour. Still, it was a beau­ti­ful spot to wait. I sat watch­ing the view of the shore­line, the wak­ing vil­lagers, and the mist clear­ing from Tioman’s moun­tains.

The fer­ry man ad­mit­ted me to the boat di­rect­ly, not yet tak­ing the rea­son­able fee of 35 ring­git for the jour­ney. Rather, I would pay once we were un­der­way. Once de­part­ed the fer­ry took about two and a half hours to reach Mers­ing. It had to make two more stops on the is­land be­fore may its way back to the main­land: Air Batang (ABC) -> Salang -> Tetek -> Mers­ing.

The Tioman Archipelago
The Tioman Ar­chi­pel­ago - Copy­right © Joshua Fuglsang

It was a nice fer­ry ride, go­ing past the trop­i­cal jun­gle of Tioman, be­fore mak­ing its way through the ar­chi­pel­ago. Aside from Tioman the oth­er is­lands seemed to be quite des­o­late, con­sist­ing of rock out­crops and sharp cliffs jut­ting out of the ocean.

Mersing ferry berth
Mers­ing fer­ry berth - Copy­right © Joshua Fuglsang

Ar­riv­ing at Mers­ing an­oth­er fer­ry was al­ready oc­cu­py­ing the berth at the wharf, so our fer­ry pulled along­side the first, and we dis­em­barked by walk­ing through the oth­er boat’s cab­in, much to the amuse­ment of the pas­sen­gers of both ves­sels. My con­nect­ing bus was due to leave in forty five min­utes and I want­ed to get lunch, so I had to quick­ly march through the town to the Sen­tral Sta­tion. For­tu­nate­ly Mers­ing is not too large, so I could reach the bus stop in fif­teen min­utes.

Ar­riv­ing at the sta­tion, I bought my on­ward tick­ets at the Sep­a­kut counter, for they had the next bus leav­ing for KL, as I had re­searched ear­li­er us­ing [Bu­sOn­li­neT­ick­ets](www.bu­son­li­net­ick­et.com). The tick­et cost 38.30 ring­git, which is more than the av­er­age price, but the next bus wasn’t de­part­ing un­til 5:30pm, so I hap­pi­ly paid the pre­mi­um.

The bus took around six hours in to­tal, stop­ping twice along the way; once for fu­el, and once for a rest stop. At the rest stop I bought and ate ba­nanas: two for 1 ring­git. The bus went through what seemed to be hun­dreds of kilo­me­ters of palm plan­ta­tions, des­tined the hun­gry palm oil and palm sug­ar in­dus­tries. It’s a cry­ing shame that they have dev­as­tat­ed their beau­ti­ful nat­u­ral bio­di­ver­si­ty so dras­ti­cal­ly in the name of in­dus­try and prof­it. Tru­ly, it is breath­tak­ing the sheer scale of de­struc­tion that the land­scape has been sub­ject­ed to.

The bus doesn’t stop in the Kuala Lumpur city cen­tre, rather it stops out­side at a ma­jor ter­mi­nal named Ter­mi­nal Bersepa­du Se­la­tan, or TBS for short. In the main ter­mi­nal build­ing was a food court, so I hun­gri­ly in­dulged in a Tho­sai, al­so known as a Dosa.

Local 690 bus to Chinatown
Lo­cal 690 bus to Chi­na­town - Copy­right © Joshua Fuglsang

Out­side the main sta­tion I caught a city bus to my ac­com­mo­da­tion in Buk­it Bin­tang. The bus I caught was the 690, and I could eas­i­ly lo­cate the stop from a handy pin that some­one had saved on Maps.Me: “Bus 690 to Chi­na­town”. As the name says, the bus goes to Chi­na­town, but al­so to Buk­it Bin­tang if that is your des­ti­na­tion. This fi­nal bus took about thir­ty min­utes to drive through the city, show­cas­ing Kuala Lumpur’s evening lights. Once we were get­ting clos­er to my stop, I pressed the buzzer to no­ti­fy to the driv­er to stop, as he wouldn’t have oth­er­wise.

To fin­ish the evening I walked through Jalan Alor Food street with some new­ly made friends from Por­tu­gal and Amer­i­ca, which I met dur­ing the trip.


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A Week in Kuala Lumpur

A tram passing through a confluence of roads and footpaths
A tram pass­ing through a con­flu­ence of roads and foot­paths - Copy­right © Joshua Fuglsang

In the next ar­ti­cle I vis­it some of the sites in Malaysia’s cap­i­tal, Kuala Lumpur. Read about it here.


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Here you will find articles on an ambitious plan to travel from Singapore to Morocco overland, i.e. without flying.

I will use buses and trains to travel through South East Asia, China, Mongolia, Russia, and Europe.

Read about The Plan So Far.